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The educational objective of this site and the corresponding published version of Cardiology Rounds is to provide interested physicians throughout the United States, and around the world with a unique window on some of the most current information and discussion on important scientific and clinical developments in the field of cardiovascular medicine.

Cardiology Rounds is derived from recent Grand Rounds at Brigham and Women's Hospital, and has been designed as an efficient resource for the busy physician. The selection of topics and all editorial content are determined solely by the physician-members of the Cardiovascular Division.

We also wish to acknowledge the major commitment to unbiased continuing education within the cardiovascular community demonstrated by  Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation, whose financial support in the form of an unrestricted educational grant makes Cardiology Rounds possible.

Our aim is to assist physicians in keeping abreast of the rapidly evolving changes in cardiovascular medicine. We hope that you find this site to be useful to your practice. Please feel free to share your thoughts and comments with us.

Peter Libby, MD         Marc Pfeffer, MD
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Cardiology Scientific Update
Visit Cardiology Scientific Update, also from heart health via ACLS, offering a series of reports and analyses on important presentations from the major scientific meetings.

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